The Hive

Our equipment is chosen after several years of experience and trial and error.  You don't need to manage error so we provide you only with the products we love to use.  Your hives come to you built and painted white.  We always bring it before the bees arrive so that the students have a chance to personalize it-what a great activity!

The equipment, once on site, is yours!  Our goal is that your team becomes little beekeepers in the making.  The bees that arrive have been selected to be good natured and productive.  Busy bees are always more fun to watch and learn from.

As the season progresses so does the teams learning.  As we start talking about derivatives, we often talk about honey.  Yes! All the honey is yours to enjoy.

We make sure the bees are strong and healthy before winter comes allowing them to be ready for your second season with us.

Most school have an ongoing beekeeping program with us for years to come.