This is Miel au Carré

The purpose: I bring bees and humans together.


Finally finding and following her passion, beekeeping. Vanessa, in 2016 acquired her first hive after her father’s passing. He was an architect, born in Paris, moved to Montreal. His beautiful glistening, eye pleasing, modern structures stand the test of time and are still works of art today. The way Vanessa’s father navigated an architectural concept reminds her of the way bees navigate the hive. Bees have a way of knowing, a way of building, and a way of surviving-they are quite impressive. 
In 2021 Vanessa delved deeper into the world of bees and launched "Miel au Carré". She built her single hive apiary to 10, took on clients to help them navigate the inner workings of the hive, and sold honey to hundreds of clients. It was a good year. Now in 2022, she is progressing her business and is increasing her knowledge. Vanessa will be completing the Montana University Master Beekeeper program, harvesting more honey and is excited to take on more clients of all sizes.
She loves to laugh, eat, drink, create, and teach. As the season takes its upswing, Vanessa is always excited about the newest future beekeepers she will be able to inspire around her area.